Outtakes from my journey

I’m taking a brief intermission. The journey of food and health continues, but I am in need of a little unplugging. I’m leaving you with some favorites I’ve taken along the way. Enjoy.
















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7 Responses to Outtakes from my journey

  1. Beautiful photographs Lucinda..i particularly like the blueberries with the chartreuse stand…very visually balanced. As i was looking up chartreuse i came across this…
    is it really the most visable colour from humans? actually i think there must be something in it… and often use some of this colour to make a painting ‘sing’

    is it ok to mention alcohol on a health food blog 🙂 ?

  2. Jenny del Rosario Reid says:

    Just gorgeous Cinda… I just want to stare at your beautiful photos all day long.

  3. Holly says:

    Your photographs leave me feeling peaceful. They are very clean. They are inviting, welcoming. Pretty.

  4. Hey.

    I just discovered your blog today. Hi, Lucinda! (Hello, Procrastination, the good kind! 😉

    I’m cheering you on this journey of yours!!! Wow, you’ve gone all the way to Day 44!
    What’s left to eat indeed. By the looks of your photos, you’ve been quite creative. Very!

    I’m on a very similar trip myself. What you’ve described – those symptoms – I had them, too, at one point. What has healed me so far, believe it or not, has been facing up to my own artist which I’ve been hiding from for a very long time. 10 years. Ack! (Embarrassed to even *hear* me saying it!) I thought I had diabetes, I had chronic fatigue and major mood swings and mysterious aches and pains on my feet, hands, back. Oh and eczema in my thumbs.

    I went to my doc who said everything was normal. Hmmm….whatthethen…so one day, I found myself at a friend’s acupuncturist who told me I had too much heat in my body. Meh. Whatever. Then I later realized what she meant. Heat. Stuck energy. Unflowing. Unmoving. And just like that…kablam! (Haha…who says ‘kablam’ these days. Man, I’m old!) Stuff, real ME stuff needed to flow. Enter the photo biz. And the singing again. With heart, this time! No more fearing what he/she/it/them would say. Just go for it, all the way!!!

    Ok. So there. My story in an exploding nutshell.

    UYB classmate

  5. KellyA says:

    I hope you are coming back. I love the photos and the food ideas. Plus, I love hearing how you are.

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