Day 41-44

Day 41-44. This is the final stretch of this six-week program. Day 44 is the final day! What now you ask? Well, I’m going to continue on this journey. The next steps are reintroducing foods.

Since I have missed dairy so much, it will be the first to be incorporated back into my diet. I’ll continue to stay off gluten, sugar, caffeine and alcohol, but will slowly start eating dairy. When you google “Introducing dairy back into your diet” you get a lot of discussion boards with a lot of non-experts offering their opinions. I’m not sure how to approach the week other than just not go crazy on the first day back and try to eat a mild cheese that may not hurt. My research did uncover the fact that goat and sheep milk are the easiest to digest. Goat’s milk does not contain agglutinin like the milk of a cow. In laymen’s terms that means that goat’s milk does not coagulate, making it one of the reasons it’s easier to digest. Goat milk protein forms a softer curd, meaning fewer protein clumps in your stomach caused by the stomach acids and proteins dancing about. Now I’m getting all scientific on you. Goat’s milk contains less lactose. All of this makes total sense… so, I’ll start with goat or sheep milk products.

The gist of all of this is that I’m trying to discover if I have allergies, intolerance, or food hypersensitivity. I’ll try the foods first and if my reactions are radical, then they are kept in my journal, and I’m on to the next group of foods. When all said and done, based on my reactions, I will then be ready to meet with my primary care physician and have further tests done.

It’s a long and drawn out process, but necessary… quite an interesting and informative journey as well.

All that aside, I’m continuing on with my food styling and photography. Below I’ve taken more time to present you with simple, fresh cherry tomatoes two ways. I loved getting your opinions from my previous post. So many interesting takes on the types of photo styles, what draws you in, and makes your mouth water.

My food photography has come a long way in just a few weeks. See the before and after of a stir-fried rice dinner below.

On Day 22 I wrote about my wok and how excited I was to get it out after a long hiatus. The pictures I took that day were before I learned to set up my photography, take my time with the composition and light, and shoot it naturally. I made the same dish again on Day 44. Check out the before and after yourself. Aren’t you glad I decided to improve my craft? I am! What a HUGE difference.



There’s been a few other reasons food styling and natural lighting photography has been beneficial to me. I want the food to look its best therefore I’m spending more time thinking about fresher, more wholesome food to make for us to eat. I spend time making it beautiful and that has affected my conscious eating. After I’m done photographing the food, and sit down to eat it, I appreciate the love I put into it, and the joy it brings creating a beautiful to photograph. I’m using smaller plates to make the scale of the food seem larger, so I’m actually eating less. That in combination of the conscious eating means I’m checking in more and noticing the triggers of my stomach being full. Big epiphanies and pluses for me!

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11 Responses to Day 41-44

  1. jana says:

    wow, girl huge congratulations 🙂

    I am amazed at how cool your photos look, the stir fry was an excellent example of the things you are learning and I love the benefits you shared with us as it relates to your health, the freshness factor, and portions 🙂

    I wanna learn from you girl. I don’t think I’ll shoot veggies, but who knows 🙂

    Looking forward to hearing about your new journey of food introduction.

    Peace, love and support !!

    • Lucinda says:

      Thanks Jana! It means a great deal to have your love and support! I’m not sure how much you’ll learn from me… you’re already rockin’ that fine camera of yours. xoxo

    • Kenth says:

      “I don’t think I’ll shoot veggies, but who knows”
      Jana — you would if veggies killed your entire family in their sleep. I pray that never happens. Be safe 🙂

  2. Kelley says:

    Envy and awe.

  3. Amisha says:

    Oh Lucinda, these photos look great!! You should write about food, your experience with this program and your own photos!!

    If I lived anywhere near you, I’d ask you to teach me about lighting. I am still working on lighting.

  4. Amisha says:

    Okay I meant to say you should write a book! This is what happens when I hit submit without reading through the comment again!

  5. Kenth says:

    Cherry tomatoes are even squishier than berries inside, so I am no judge of mouth-water levels. I prefer picture #1 because (I don’t know if you noticed) in picture #2 some of them have fallen out of the bowl. They’re all over the table.

    As for the Real Food, I like stir fry #2 because it looks curried in that lighting (but so does the bowl and table) In both shots though, I appreciate that you butterflied out the shrimp poop. There is no other animal we would eat without thoroughly removing its bloated colon, except mouse kebobs.

  6. Lisa says:

    Amazing difference in the before and after.
    Nicely done!!

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