Day 27

Day 27.  I know, I know… this car is not food.  But it does lead to food in a round-about way.

I was excited to get to pilates to show Holly how well my feet were doing.   On the way out the door I had grabbed my SLR because I intended to go to the farmer’s market after my session for veggies, fruit and a few snaps for August Break.

I decided to take my time getting down the to farmer’s market, and was sure glad I did.  An unexpected surprise for the day, a street fair right in front of the pilates studio.  I was met with all kinds of fun surprises; a kids on bikes parade, a dog parade, a vintage car parade.  So fun.  It reminded me to just slow down for the day, have no agenda and just see what happens.

On day 25 another box for the pantry arrived – La Tienda’s Organic Purple Corn Flour from Peru.  How exciting!  After my first semi-successful baking project I was ready for another.  Last month I spied this scrumptious looking Gluten-Free Purple Corn and Banana Muffin recipe over at Cannelle et Vanille.

I used agave nectar in the recipe but used all the other ingredients, following the recipe exactly.  I was feeling a little indifferent as I started making the batter, kind of expecting it to look like the batter from the previous day’s muffins.  Not at all!  It looked like muffin batter, it behaved like muffin batter.  I filled the muffin tins and added fresh blueberries to half.  Fifteen minutes later when I peered into the oven I let out a squeal of delight.  I started dancing around the kitchen.  They rose beautifully, they browned beautifully, they smelled delightful.

So good!  And they were delicious with our Kickin’ Collard Greens and Rice dinner.  Especially good with a little drizzle of honey on the plain ones.

Now I’ve got the baking bug.

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One Response to Day 27

  1. fi says:

    Oh my goodness me. You need to sell these! …to me! 🙂 Ok, not just to me, but these would be in hot demand… I lovvvve your experimenting. I’d heard of purple corn but had no idea what to do with it. Yipee. More recipes to try. You are an abbbbbsolute inspiration and I love ya for it. Such cool news about your feet. And what a gorgeous car?! Fi xx

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