Day 26

Day 26.  It’s time to start baking again.

I love baking, and miss it.  Gluten-free, sugar-free and dairy-free baking will be a new challenge for me.  Due to a larvae and moth infestation over a month ago, we had to throw out most of the food in our pantry.  The timing was actually quite good.  For the last two weeks I ordered a couple of books, been reading blog recipes and stocking our pantry.  Day 26 I was ready to bake.

The first book I received was Easy Gluten-Free Baking, by Elizabeth Barbone.  Her book received a lot of good reviews on Amazon, and I was impressed that she does not have allergies or gluten intolerance, but as a professional baker liked the challenge gluten-free brought to baking and wanted to create a book of classic recipes just as delicious as ones with traditional ingredients.  The recipes aren’t sugar-free or dairy-free, but that shouldn’t be a problem substituting.  After the first review of her bread recipes, I realized I need to find a good dairy-free, dried milk substitute – I’m on the hunt.  But for now I have everything I need for her quick bread recipes.  Since I had just picked a bunch of blueberries recently the blueberry muffin recipe seemed to be a good place to start.

I followed the recipe, deciding to try date sugar as my sugar substitute.  Mixing up the batter I noticed it didn’t have the consistency of regular muffin batter.  It was thick and wasn’t  pouring into the muffin cups.  My intuition told me to add an additional binder, like another egg or applesauce.  Intentionally I didn’t.  I wanted the first attempt to have just one substitute and no adjustments.

They looked fine right out of the oven.  The date sugar made them darker in appearance.  So the taste?  They were good.  A little gritty which I think was from the date sugar, and they crumbled apart a bit.  If I made them again and used date sugar I would add another egg or applesauce for much needed moisture and take away some of the gritty texture.  All-in-all, not bad for my first gluten-free baking experience.

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