Day 24-25

Not at all related to my August Break sunflower photo is a subject I’ve been obsessed with lately.

Poop, kaka, guano, number two, bowel movements, BMs, elimination.

You get the picture.  Does anyone mind if I talk about pooping?  Because everyone poops right?  There’s even a book.  Okay, not just one, but many.  This happens to be a favorite book for children.

It a big topic in our house.  Before becoming GF/DF/SF/CF/AF I had a hard time eliminating every day.  Often it would be two, three, maybe four days before I’d have any need to go.  I know, I know… TMI.  You may or may not relate.

Most of my life I’ve been the jealous type.  Jealous of you regulars, and you know who I’m talking about.

But lately, I’m a changed person!  I’m like a parent with a toddler learning to go number two!  There’s a lot of rejoicing, and mainly by myself because I work out of my home.  Yes, me, myself, and I are jumping around every morning.  All in the name of poop.

Day 25, I’m on a call with a colleague and get this amazingly sharp pain in my lower abdomen.  Immediately it felt like it was female organ related, but my cycle is still further out.  I end my work day and lay down for a moment because I’m in great pain.  Then it shifts to my left stomach, large intestines.  I think – gas bubble?  I continue on with my evening, making dinner, eating, writing a post for the blog.  Oh the pain.  By the end of dinner I am doubled over.  I can’t find a comfortable position laying down in bed, or sitting in a chair.  The chills begin and I start feeling nauseous.  I tell Josh because I wasn’t sure if I was going to need to go to an emergency room or just need help.  All through the night I was in this condition.  By morning I was better, but still in a little pain.  By mid-morning my system called for an immediate trip to the bathroom.

Okay… I just want you to know, if it weren’t so gross I would have taken pictures to share.  I pooped an enormous amount.  A freak show amount.  What had left me debilitated the night before I’m certain was a gigantic gas bubble.  Because I felt much better immediately.

Reviewing what I ate the day before that might have caused such a reaction?  We had fish for dinner that turned out to be bad (see below).  I thought food poisoning, but Josh felt fine.  The rest of the meal was nothing new to my system.  The only other food that was new was cantaloupe.  I had not had any cantaloupe yet this summer, and I had eaten half a cantaloupe that day.  I think that my body was either intolerant of said fruit, or it was in there cleansing my system like no other.

For another two days my large intestines grumbled and were very tender to the touch on my left side.  Poor Josh.  I really scared the poop out of him.  He’s really been through a lot with me and my health.  What a trooper!

Oh, that fish.  I was so disappointed.  I had picked up what appeared to be a beautiful slab of salmon that day.  Hoping to recreate some elements of that fantastic chef meal we had the previous Friday, I roasted fingerling potatoes with garlic, red and green onions.  Even though our meal looked lovely, it sucked.  The fish was bad (it didn’t smell bad when I opened the package), and the fingerling potatoes were so dry.  Not a satisfying meal at all.  Good news, is that QFC refunded me for the salmon.

Sometimes I just loose my cooking goddess in the kitchen. The glazed salmon recipe was inspired by A Chow Life.  Too bad it was inedible.

So, how about you?  Have you pooped today?  Do you love my topic?  Did I make you laugh, squirm, or nod your head in agreement and understanding?

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2 Responses to Day 24-25

  1. Jessica says:

    Ok, I’ll chime in since I consider myself the master of TMI. Almost two years ago, mine suddenly went from sinkers to floaters. My entire life I have had sinkers. This freaked me out enough to do a lot of online research which was very inconclusive, with causes ranging from a change in diet (nope), to my body processing fat more efficiently (I wish), to end-stage pancreatic cancer (I’m still here). I might work up the courage to ask my doctor about it next time I go in, but since it’s been happening for so long now I try not to worry about it too much. However, I am still disappointed every time I look down and it’s lazily floating there, mocking me. I want my sinkers back!

  2. Holly says:

    My naturopath gave me some magic fiber pills when I went on an elimination diet. Those pills made potty time a circus side show. When asked by my acupuncturist to describe my poops, I went from describing them as rabbit pellets to baby arms (sometimes legs). Every potty time was new and exciting. Welcome to the club, Lucinda! Ha ha ha ha!

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