Day 23

Day 23.  My August Break picture for the day – juicy kiwi fruit.  I love to take a small spoon and just scoop the fruit right out of their skins.  The perfect afternoon snack.

I trip to the doctor today confirmed a 5 lbs weight loss and a 4% BMI reduction.  My feet are getting better once again.  Now I just need to get my energy levels up more and get my feet in order so I can start working out.

When I work out now my feet get really angry.  If I just walk down the street my left shin will start to burn and then my foot will start cramping.  Sometimes my toes will actually curl up.  It’s painful and not so charming.  It’s much like the ‘Silly Walk’ skit straight out of Monty Python.  Sometimes I end up in tears and completely frustrated.  Some people have told me to suck it up and just keep trying everyday.  I have but things didn’t improve.  I’ve tried different shoes.  Even a few minutes on the Wii Fit Plus marching or running in place will result in cramps.  The Segway routine is really challenging because I’m balancing on the front part of my foot.  It’s also interesting that in the documented photos of my swollen feet, it is my right foot that swells up more, and it is my left foot that is numb and gets the angriest.

So dear readers, I promise you and me that soon I will try going for a neighborhood walk.  I may even take my camera along to record the event.

On day 22 I mentioned that I have taken an interest in making big improvements in my photography.  Before I started this blog I found so many gorgeous gluten-free bloggers with amazing photography like, Cannelle et Vanille, Gluten-Free Goddess and so many others.  It inspired me to seek out a food styling and photography workshop.  On Day 27 I will head to Seattle to take an afternoon workshop from Lara Ferroni.

Seriously, how divine are her images?  Just gorgeous.

I told you about purchasing new, white dinner dishes.  Everywhere I go now, I’m looking for the perfect dishes for plating food.

Of course I couldn’t show up to a photography workshop looking non-professional, so I ditched my old camera bag, which I hated and my cat had chewed up, splurged, and picked up an Epiphanie bag.  The ‘Ginger’ to be exact.  I thought I could make my own, but over the last few months, it just hasn’t been a realistic goal.  Maybe I’ll make a bag some day.  Then I’ll have two fabulous camera bags.  For now… the ‘Ginger’ will do.

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7 Responses to Day 23

  1. Jenn R says:

    angry feet…gah!

  2. I’m looking forward to your work after the food photography class. You already take such lovely shots, I fear my head may go ‘splodey after.

    Have fun!

    • Lucinda says:

      Glynis, thank you for the compliment. I’ll be excited to show you what I’ve learned. You and Drew will benefit from the food – I promise.

  3. Stacie says:

    Just found your blog via the August Break group…I suffer from food allergies too…but now I am thinking I have a yeast or sugar issue….great photographs and I will be doing the yeast test in the am…

  4. jana says:

    Hi sweet friend,

    Oh, that food styling class sounds so perfect for you right now 🙂

    Yes, your images are already quite lovely, madam, so I look forward to seeing you evolve and plus, Seattle 🙂 wish I were joining you.

    Sorry to hear your feet are still cramping and getting mad;

    keep it up dear friend, you always get where you are going, and it seems this path is just taking you to lovely new lush lands 🙂

  5. kelly says:

    That is so funny. AT the end of August I, too, will be going to Seattle for a photography workshop. A portrait workshop with Lou O’Bedlam. ADORE the new camera bag. Really perfect.

    BTW, in your latest 365 photo I thought your face looked significantly thinner. You are doing great!!

  6. heliotrop3 says:

    I wish your feet could talk and just tell you what is going on. I know you will figure it out soon enough and before you know it you will be walking all over that neighbourhood!

    Love the new bag! You are going to get so much out of that food styling course. I wish I lived closer to join you.

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