Day 21

Day 21.  August 1.  Wow, summer sure is flying by.

I’ve decided to participate in Susannah’s August Break.  I currently have a 365 self-portrait project up on Flickr, and now this daily update of my health.  So, I’ve decided that during August I will post images that may or may not relate to health-related journey and share them here with you, and on Flickr.

My feet are continuing to improve.  In the latter feet photos I realized my pedicure was looking a little sad – my feet were in need of some TLC.  Nothing beats having a pedicure done by a professional.  Ahhhhh.

Day 21 puts me at the halfway point of this program.  I decided to step on our scale which also calculates BMI.  My BMI has decreased 4% and I’ve lost a 3.5 pounds.  A long way towards my goal, but I am learning to stop, center myself and celebrate the smallest of victories.  A more nurturing approach than I’m used to, without the ego battle – and by all means, NO food rewards.  The pedicure seemed like a good idea to help me relax and celebrate.

Today seems like a good day to share another week of smoothies and outtakes of a few of our meals.  We’ve been trying new pastas.  So far my favorite is Ancient Harvest Quinoa Pasta

The pasta dish in the middle was a simple Tuscan Bean Pasta recipe from Budget Bytes.  The Lemon Butter Green Beans also from Budget Bytes.  OH goodness these are good.  Especially if you let the lemon infuse with the butter for a while.  Mmmmm.

I’m still loving smoothies in the morning.  My preference are the ones with green tea matcha that actually provide a good rush of energy along with the protein powder, and all that natural sugar from the fruit.  The most unusual so far was the sweet potato and date smoothie – but it was delicious.

Pasta image courtesy of Ancient Harvest.

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One Response to Day 21

  1. jana says:

    you are so darling; love the new tootsie color 🙂

    Proud of you girl, and happy to see your energy here with a lighter, more self loving tone ! woot!!

    those smoothies look yummy and those green beans are tantalizing as well.

    My meals are so boring compared to you girl, but I am also loving little or no processed carbs 🙂 I notice in the afternoon I have to grab fruit for the extra energy…and it works 🙂

    love you 🙂

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