Day 16

Day 16 and my feet are puffier than yesterday.  I think I might have discovered the culprit!

No, not pizza you say!  Not pizza, but I think it might be soy cheese.  I’m not quite sure, because last week I purchased that individual pizza from New Cascadia Traditional Bakery and I thought it had soy cheese on it.  However, I didn’t have this reaction after I ate their pizza.  I’ve emailed them to confirm that they use vegan soy cheese or their own white sauce.  Once I hear back from them I may be closer to the discovery, or ruling out something.  The reason I think it is the soy cheese is because I have not changed anything else in the last two days.  I had a small bit of the soy cheese on day 15, and the pizza above for lunch and day 16.  Day 15 in the afternoon is when my feet started to swell up.

Oh, by the way, the pizza crust I used for this pizza is from Glutino, purchased at Whole Foods.  Really good, with a nice crunch and a chewy inside.  The flavor tastes like any regular flour dough.

So, stay tuned on the mystery of Lucinda, the swollen woman.  *sigh*

Other than trying to stay positive about the recent changes, my body has not shown any other shifts.  My energy levels are okay.  I can feel that I have raw energy and I’m not sleepy as often in the afternoons as I used to be.  But I’d had hoped by now I’d be raging with energy.

I get most of my energy charges in the morning.  I know the source is the protein powder in my smoothies.  I’ve begun experimenting with ingredients and different recipes, and boy has it been rewarding.  The other night I roasted some sweet potatoes to have on hand for options.  I decided to Google – sweet potato smoothie.  So many options appeared.  I chose the Chocolate Sweet Potato Smoothie from Diary of a Vegan.  If you’re a fan of baked sweet potato, you’ll love this!  She even has a version for raw diets.  It’s sweetened mainly with dates, a little bit of honey, and of course the sweet potato.  So good!

I’ve also been wanting to experiment more with desserts so I can have a satisfying treat once a week so I don’t feel deprived.  When I discovered the recipe for the chocolate mousse, I also found a recipe for Avocado Fudgesicles from The Whole Life Nutrition Kitchen.  Right away I ordered popsicle molds from Tovolo.

The molds arrived late last week and this was the first time I’ve had some extra time in the kitchen.  Perfect timing because Holly is headed over on Day 18 to try out the Wii Fit Plus.

She and I talked about going sugar-free together a while ago and we dragged our feet.  I finally took the leap and decided to go on this program.  Holly is successfully cutting down in her intake.  I’m excited to share a sweet treat with her, but I think she’s a little nervous.

We’ll let you know how they taste.

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3 Responses to Day 16

  1. jana says:

    Hi Girl,

    Day 16 🙂 so cool. Hopefully you will soon discover the culprit of your recent swelling.

    Those cicles sound interesting; hard to imagine avocado (which I love love love) being part of a fudge cold dessert, but having had some raw desserts from Cafe Gratitude, I’m certain they are yummier than the vision of the ingredients offers in my minds eye.

    You sound enthusiastic and that is so cool. I am enjoying being primarily off of carbs, except for fruit and popcorn….I do see how I need to have a fruit snack in the afternoon to maintain my energy level. 🙂

    love you; proud of you, love this blog, it’s really cool here, 🙂

  2. Holly says:

    Freaky avocado fudgecicles are delicious! Yum yum yum. They are creamy. They taste decadent. They are healthy?! Amazing!!!

  3. Kif says:

    This is soooo great! Good luck with this – very inspiring.

    Love Christine Kane! Did one of her teleseminars last summer. Found her blog a couple of years ago through RomanLily. What a great investment – to work with her – yeah!

    All the best – here comes August!

    xo Kif

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