Day 15

Day 15.  I’m trying not to be discouraged by the fact that by 5pm my feet and hands were starting to swell back up and were hurting.  It’s not completely obvious in the picture, but my right foot swells up more than the left.

It’s such a mystery to me.  Aside from the elimination of most foods I have also been watching my sodium intake.  I can honestly say that this is not due to a salty overload of foods.  I drink a lot of water  – a minimum of 120 oz/day.  It’s not water retention due to PMS.  I’m just going to have to think about what was different through the day.

I’m sure you’ll help me figure this out.  You all have been so helpful, insightful and gracious to me so far.

I have so many wonderful people in my life.  I’m grateful for all the kind, loving and spiritually fulfilling relationships.  I am lucky to have new connections through Susannah Conway, Christine Kane, within the Portland community, and now new introductions through this blog.  What I love about my tribe is that everyone is genuinely interested in my health and well-being.  The kindness and care that is spent helping me get healthy is humbling.

One of my new connections I adore is my pilates instructor, Holly.  I’ve been going to private pilates sessions since March of this year.  Initially I was working with Holly’s assistant while she was on maternity leave.  I worked through all my sessions and after a minor fiasco on the last session causing my back to spasm I didn’t think I would return.  Holly returned from maternity leave and called me for feedback and invited me in to have a complimentary 1:1 session with her.  I was impressed by her business savvy, and gave pilates another chance.  Because I have a herniated L-5, my feet, legs and hips cramp all of the time, I have a limited range of motion.  She watches my moves carefully and pushes when necessary.  I liked her immediately and I opened up to her right away, sharing everything that I’ve been experiencing physically and mentally over the last year.  When you divulge information you can see her processing and problem solving to help in any way she can, or just trying to come up with a funny joke.

Several weeks ago she had an A-HA moment and remembered that she had a Maya Abdominal Massage that had worked wonders on some symptoms she was having.  I thought, why not.  It can’t hurt.

After a waiting period and timing the appointment just right after my cycle, I finally got to experience the Maya Abdominal Massage administered by a local naturopath.  It’s a non-evasive, external massage which guides the internal organs into their normal positions.  Mainly focusing on aligning the uterus. The Mayan’s believe the woman’s center is her uterus and if it is out of balance, so is she.

The massage improves organ function by releasing physical and emotional congestion.  It was informative and quite soothing.  I learned that my angry gut is probably angrier than I realized, and my uterus was misaligned.  I had no idea riding horses and falling off of them could send my uterus out of alignment.  She taught me how to self-administer the massage so I can be sure to keep things in check.  She also sent me away with castor oil packs to help release the toxins out of my body.

So far I don’t notice anything different with my body.  Honestly I haven’t done the castor oil treatments yet because it’s been so hot here.  With no a/c in our bedroom, that’s the last thing I want to do.  I plan on starting them this weekend.

The naturopath told me for the next few cycles I will notice some differences.  I’ll take note and share any major insights.

Has anyone else ever had a Maya Abdominal Massage?

I made a pleasant discovery in SE Portland on my way home from the massage.  New Cascadia Traditional Bakery.  A dedicated bakery specializing in gluten-free artisan breads.  I selected a half loaf of their flax seed bread, which I was told I should freeze what I didn’t eat that day.  I also picked up a pre-made, vegan pizza.  You know how I love pizza.  It was so late in the afternoon, and I hadn’t had lunch.  I couldn’t help myself.  It’s also an excuse to find the best gluten-free pizza dough in Portland.

Both the bread and the pizza were delicious!  Hands down their pizza crust is far better than the one I bought at Pizzicato.  Flavorful and crunchy.  The topping was roasted red pepper, spinach, vegan cheese and vegan pesto.  YUM!  A perfect individual pizza.

I had the bread the next morning toasted with peanut butter.  So good.  Just what I wanted that morning.

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2 Responses to Day 15

  1. KellyA says:

    Sorry your feet are hurting you again. That pizza looks yummy!

  2. Holly says:

    WTF, feet?!!! Keep going. You’re going to get through this.

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