Day 14

Day 14.  I’m still so excited about the fast improvement in my feet.  Look at them today.  Veins, ankle definition, no swelling and this is at the end of the day.

Last November was the point I started feeling really sick.  Walking and exercising became more difficult.  Standing and sitting long periods created agonizing pain in my feet, ankles and shins.  Shifting from an active and physically demanding business, to 8-12 hour work days on the computer in a desk chair was a big adjustment.  The period between deciding to shut down my business to finding a corporate job was five months.  But those five months were so incredibly stressful.  I’m certain my cortisol levels were way out of range, and created havoc in my body that I didn’t notice right away.

Everything felt bad.  Every day, every single joint ached and my back was in constant pain.  Loads of symptoms started to appear.

I had rashes all over my body and my histamine levels were sky high, to the point of madness.

It was time to find a new doctor.  Dr. Andrew Weil had just been on the Martha Stewart show and was talking about integrated medicine practitioners.  Great, I thought, I’ll find someone practicing natural and preventative medicine with a holistic approach towards body, mind and spirit.

I found one out of three who was accepting new patients.  She was very new to Integrated Medicine and had just come from a completing a program in Arizona.  She graciously gave me 90 minutes to discuss my health, my health history, family, etc.  I came with list of all my symptoms – 16 to be exact, several at an acute stage and blood tests that were done in 2/2009.  The goal that day – help me with the rashes on my body and my feet.  We talked about candida as I sat in her office scratching every itch on my body.  I was in hysterics crying and begging her to figure out what was going on.

Turns out she was not a believer of candida overgrowth and told me that if I had candida I would be hospitalized in critical condition due to an immune deficiency, or thrust.  She told me it was psoriasis, that I should lose weight and eat leafy green vegetables.

When I left I was so disappointed and sad.  She wasn’t helpful at all and made me feel worse.  She didn’t even offer any blood tests to look into my autoimmune system, hormone levels, or glucose.  I went and got the prescriptions filled for the psoriasis.  Fluconazole oral tablets, Clotrimazole cream, Hydrocortisone cream, and Tacrolimus ointment.  The Tacrolimus burned so badly I only used it once.  Nothing else gave any immediate relief to any of the rashes.

At that point I didn’t think I’d find a compassionate doctor and started taking probiotics in large doses to see if it would work.

It would be three more months before I found another doctor that began investigating my symptoms and run blood tests.  I’ll talk more about him in another post.

I’ve since discovered that when it comes to candida there are two camps of doctors.  The ones who believe that candida is deadly and only presents itself with immune deficient patients.  And some alternative health practitioners that candida overgrowth does cause various health problems, but there are few because there is little scientific evidence that supports this theory.

Just yesterday in my newsletter there was a headline “Yeast Overgrowth:  Will This Ever Go Away?” which I read immediately.  Yes, 22 out of 28 symptoms relate to me and what I experience today.  It takes you to link to try a simple test you can do at home.  I don’t know if it’s snake oil or not, but I did the test this morning.  After 45 minutes, according to their test, the stringy saliva in the glass of water indicates I have yeast overgrowth.

I’d like to propose a little test.  See if I can find a control group amongst my readers.  Try this easy test at home and let me know how it turns out.  Let me know if you think you have yeast overgrowth or not.

I’m not claiming to be a doctor and claim to diagnose any problem.  I am just curious what happens with you.

Day 14 was another day that I my body crashed.  Around 5pm I became so fatigued and started feeling really strange and a headache was coming on.  Earlier in the day I was all excited to make us a meal, but it just hit me fast.  Josh managed to get me into the kitchen and made sure I ate quickly.  I made a couple of scrambled eggs and some flax bread toast.  An hour later I was fine.

After all of that talk about drinks and refreshments from Day 13 I purchased some matcha powder and was all excited to try a drink.  So I made a Cool Summer Matcha Latte from Diet, Desserts & Dogs, a fun blog I recently discovered.

Note to self:  Although this latte is really good, do not drink matcha at 7pm if you want a good night’s rest.

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2 Responses to Day 14

  1. Ricki says:

    I had a similar experience with doctors when I first looked for someone to treat my candida. It can be very frustrating! Glad you enjoyed the latte. But like you, I can only drink them before noon, or I don’t sleep at night! 😉

  2. Jessica says:

    In the interest of science, I took the saliva test. I had the cloudy on the bottom and cloudy floating specs, but not the stringy stuff. However, I don’t feel that I have any yeast issues and had maybe one or two out of all of the various symptoms they listed. I hope this info helps in some way. Keep it up Cinda! You’re doing great!

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