Day 5

Day 5.  Woot!  Woot!  Get out.  My feet feel incredible.  Thank you feet for responding so quickly to this new diet and lifestyle change.  I will be interested in knowing after the six weeks if you were angry about gluten, dairy or sugar.  My guess, that it was the sugar.  My goal at the end of the six weeks is to stay off refined sugar.  If staying off sugar keeps my feet happy, then you bet… I’m all over that!

No headache upon waking this morning.  What a delight.

This is the first day of taking thyroid medication.  I would expect in 30 days the medication will be taking effect and I will start to notice some symptoms going away.  When I picked up the prescription the pharmacist told me I would begin to feel the effects within 10 days.  Really?  That soon.  Well, we’ll all know nine days from now how I’m feeling.

The entire morning I was feeling raw energy.  I had forgotten what it felt like.  No caffeine to jolt my system.  This was pure energy and it felt great.  Energy and happiness, I think I’ll have another smoothie and this time add some flax seed oil.

Another win for the morning, I received some personal coaching during this week’s Uplevel Your Life call with Christine Kane.  I had sent Christine a question for last week’s call and she answered it in a post-call recording.  This morning I got to chat live with her to follow-up and ask more questions about sitting quietly.  How do you quiet the mind when you sit?  On Monday I started the ritual of sitting quietly for 10 minutes and doing soft belly, breathing exercises.  Problem was, I couldn’t get my mind to settle down, to be quiet.  I was going through check lists, thinking about projects to be completed, feeling guilty walking away from the job, computer, email, missed calls.  From previous experience I know it takes practice.  But in those days I wasn’t as overwhelmed as I feel now.  Somehow I thought being in a constant state of overwhelm there might be a different trigger to quiet the mind – stop checking off my “to-do” list while I’m focusing on soft breathing.  Nope, no magic triggers.  Christine advises to just get bored.  The goal is to just sit there.  You just have to practice and continue doing it until you become the disciple of your spirit.  A disciple of your spirit, Christine has such an eloquent way of putting things into perspective.  Next time, just get bored!

Okay, I’m not going to lie.  For lunch I was craving pizza in a big way.  Big way!  I broke down and went and got pizza.  Wait!  Wait… before you feel bad for me, I got gluten-free, dairy-free pizza!  It was an expensive lunch, but it will be dinner too.  Not bad Pizziacato.  It’s not your usual crispy crust and gooey cheese topping, but it hit the spot.  I doctored it up a little with some extra spices and some EVOO.  That did it.  Next time, I will make it myself.  I have a feeling I can do a better job making a delicious pie.

The rest of the day was fine.  My feet continued to look good.  I continued to have energy.  I snacked on raw carrots and the rest of my blueberries to keep my body fueled.

Best of all, my guy said how excited he was for me and this journey.  Thank you most of all for your support, your love, and the patience you will need as I continue on this path.  I love you Josh.

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One Response to Day 5

  1. Tina says:

    I’m bubbling with excitement reading this!!! Your feet!!! I cannot believe how quickly they are responding to the changes!!! This is awesome news!!! 🙂 And that pizza looks so good.

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