Day 4

Day 4, the biggest news I have to tell today is about my feet.  I know, I know… my feet.  I hope all you dear readers don’t get tired of me talking about my feet, but I can’t help myself.  I don’t ever take them for granted.  Every morning when I wake up and touch the floor I am grateful that they are willing to move me through my day.

Over the past year my feet have been a complete mystery to me.  Some days they are really angry at me.  They burn, they itch, they have edema, and the skin feels like it’s going to explode.  Those days are the most uncomfortable and it usually hurts to stand or walk.  Usually at the end of the day they are at their worst.  I’ve also noticed that on really warm days they are at their angriest.

But this day, this Day 4 they were for the most part happy feet.  Look, look… you can see the veins on my feet.  Can you tell how excited I am?  I mean just look at the difference from the photo I posted on Day 3.  They were this happy all day.  This photo was taken in the evening.

Other than the jubilant excitement over my feet I was faced with another bad headache at the end the of day, forcing me to lay down and try to relax it away.  I am grateful it didn’t become a migraine.

Dinner was a scrumptious Grilled Tilapia with Mango Salsa found on  I served it with seasoned red beans and grilled asparagus.  Good dinner.  I really do love it when I have time to relax and prepare a good meal.  I do love cooking, I just don’t like it when I haven’t planned and dinner feels like a chore.  Does anyone relate?

I’m starting to see more traffic come through my blog, so I want to thank you early visitors and supporters for peeking in on my adventure and being here to support me.  It really does mean a lot.

See you tomorrow.

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3 Responses to Day 4

  1. Holly says:

    Not planning dinner is my biggest downfall. That’s when pizza happens! I’m looking forward to seeing those feet in person tomorrow 😉

  2. fi says:

    Oh! I totally relate. Not planning dinner (or at least, having some obvious ingredients that go together in the cupboard/fridge) is when it all goes downhill for me! Usually, I’m hyper-hungry by that stage too, so not only am I eating rubbish, but I’m grumpy about everything too! :-))) {I must be a true joy to live with!} 😉 xx

  3. kelly says:

    SOmetimes I love cooking but mostly it is a chore. I think having the responsibility of all food purchases and prep for kids for 30 years has really taken the joy out of cooking for me. Once in awhile though, I enjoy it.

    Amazing that your feet are showing changes already. Good work!!

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