Day 3

Day 3, I’ve realized that making big shifts in your diet and lifestyle take more planning than one expects.  We are three days back to work after an entire company shut-down and everybody wants everything done now.  Today was full of meetings and trying to balance the deadlines and urgent requests in between.

Part of this lifestyle change is focused on taking back time and rituals for myself.  I’m so much a giver to others that self-care is last, if at all.  So, this day I felt like I had failed putting myself first and planning trips to the store for meals.  I was trying not to be too hard on myself.  Breakfast was covered – another smoothie.  Lunch was fine – protein and vegetables.  But dinner?  It was 6pm and I had nothing planned for dinner and two urgent emails came in requiring about another hours work.  Nature’s Path Organic Whole O’s Gluten-free cereal, a handful of blueberries, and Silk Plain Milk was my only quick choice, because my blood-sugar was dropping fast.  Trying not to feel guilty that I had not planned dinner and forcing my guy to figure it out for himself, I ate my breakfast for dinner.

There were some wins for the day.  Going sugar-free has been the hardest part of the three days.  What I have done well this week was to make sure there is plenty of fruit in the house so when any sugar craving hits I’m ready to battle it with some fresh, natural fruit.  USDA says fruit servings are half a cup.  Getting my required five servings of each day has not been a problem.  It’s summer and there’s an abundance of deliciousness right now.

My urgent projects were completed around 7:30 and I had a date with the Wii Fit Plus.  The entire workout I was nauseous, but pushed through.  I have no idea why I was feeling that way.  I had plenty of water throughout the day.  It was about 30 minutes after I had eaten.  Could it have been the soy?  Is soy making me sick?  Does that happen?  Note to self:  more research on soy allergies.

One other thing to report.  The doctor phoned early evening to inform me that my labs were back for my thyroid and she’d like me to start on medication immediately to treat hypothyroidism.  Although I won’t feel better immediately, I will start to feel better soon, and many of my symptoms will dissipate.  So, I’m hypothyroid.  I guess finding out three days into a diet and lifestyle shift is the best time so I can build new and healthy eating habits, fueling my body with foods that will fire up my metabolism.

Will the puffiness in my body decrease significantly when I start this medication?  I hope so.  The picture of my feet was taken last week.  I started a 365 self-portrait photo project this year. I’ve been documenting my feet a lot since they are much of my daily focus.  They are in pain most of the time.  Edema increases throughout the day, some days worse than others.  When they are swollen the skin feels like it’s going to burst off.  It often hurts to stand and walk.  And I only find relief if I just lay down and elevate them.  In this picture, it was a mediocre day.

A couple more things I’d like to note.  My scalp has been bad this week.  Worsening in the last day.  It’s quite sore again, and breaking out all over, itchy and a fair amount of dandruff.   The new medicated shampoo I’ve been trying now for a month doesn’t seem to be making any difference.  Also the rashes under my arms have returned again after several months of improvement.  They aren’t as itchy as last time, but present.  Both subjects are so gross to bring up, but part of the mystery of it all.

Now onto day 4.

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7 Responses to Day 3

  1. Esther says:

    I’m happy to see the small improvements in your life already and I am proud of you that you stuck to your programm even through all the obstacles of a crazy busy day!
    The abundance of fresh fruit is one of my favorite things about summer! Makes it so much easier to eat healthy.
    I am allergic to soy milk. Tofu is no problem but the last time I drank soy milk my face was all puffy and swollen, I could hardly open my eyes.
    Reading about your journey encourages me to keep going, so I am glad you started this blog. (that sounded way more self-centered than I meant it: I am first and foremost glad for you, proud that you are taking care of yourself – encouraging me is just a side-effect. :-))

  2. Lucinda says:

    Thank you Esther. Your support means a lot. If I can put myself out there and help one other person along the way, then I’m very happy. You’ve encouraged and inspired me in so many ways. Big hugs!

  3. fi says:

    I find dried dates (medjool are my favourite) really helped when fresh fruit wasn’t ringing my bell. I know dried fruit isn’t something you should have all of the time, but it is awesome in times of need. Vanilla added to things really helps me too… occasionally, I add it to rooibos tea, or to porridge if I’m in need of sweet comfort! (I’ve never seen it, but I bet gluten-free porridge exists). I’m investigating naturally sweet, healthy desserts at the mo with my raw food stuff, so will let you know of any must haves! 😉

    So glad you’ve got a definite diagnosis with the hypothyroidism. I’m so pleased – at least now you can work with the meds to ease the pains. I think this blog is so awesome! I love how you’re describing your symptoms as well. I don’t think it’s “gross” at all – it’s necessary to get talking about it – share experiences.

    You did an amazing job getting through such a busy day and staying strong! … and nothing wrong with breakfast for dinner. That’s a great idea! 🙂


  4. Jessica says:

    So glad the dr found something wrong! Ok, that doesn’t sound so nice, but you know what I mean!

  5. Sarah D says:

    Hey Lucinda,

    I’m just dropping in to say thanks for the blogroll, and also congrats on the positive changes you’re making! Also, I wanted to mention that I’ve been doing quite a bit of reading about hypothyroidism and apparently it’s very common and under-diagnosed. Dr. Broda Barnes is a primary expert on this subject and has written several books based on his research.

    The standard American diet is very low in iodine, which our bodies use to produce T3 thyroid hormone. One great source of iodine is dulse, a particularly mild-tasting sea vegetable which you can sprinkle on foods like salt without adding a lot of sodium to your food. One teaspoon (1g) of dulse flakes provides 111% of the RDA of iodine for adult women, and 20 mg of sodium plus many other trace nutrients. I’ve been making cheese crackers by mounding tablespoons of cheese on a baking sheet, sprinkling with dulse, and baking for 7 minutes at 350 degrees. You could do this with soy cheese too, or sprinkle your dulse on veggies, baked potatoes, anywhere you’d use salt. The dulse adds a salty taste with much less sodium than regular table salt.

    Well that’s an earful, at any rate congrats on your success so far and all the best to you!

    -Sarah 🙂

  6. Lucinda says:

    Sarah D, thank you so much for the information on dulse. I love synchronicity – I heard about dulse earlier today from a health practitioner. It’s on the grocery list. Thank you also for the congrats.

    Fi, you’re so darling. Thank you so much dear one. Dates are always on hand in our house, especially now. I found several mousse recipes that used dates. So, I will play around with them on dessert nights. 🙂 Good luck to you and the raw movement. Congratulations! That’s a big move. I think far more difficult than this journey. 🙂

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